Club News

This page is dedicated to informing the members of what major tasks that are happening at the facility.

Future work:

  1. Resurface bathrooms and office floors with epoxy.
  2. Paint leisure pool water feature
  3. Deck cement repair
  4. Lights and outlets for pavilion area
  5. Redesign website

2021 Season Work:

  1. Replace facility window sills
  2. Replace all bathroom/shower stalls
  3. Paint all external/internal bldg facility
  4. Replace mngt office ceiling fans

2019 Season Work:

  1. Pursue filed law suit
  2. Demolition and plaster main pool

2018 Season Work:

  1. File law suit against pool company
  2. New coping stones and tiles around all pools
  3. New leisure pool beach surface area
  4. Re-strapping of broken chairs and lounges
  5. Repaired plaster major problem areas in both leisure and main pool
  6. Purchased new baby pool cover pump

 2017 Season Work:

  1. Refinish baby pool beach landing
  2. Reposition water feature in baby pool
  3. Rebuilt main pool pump

 2016 Season Work:

  1. Re-plastered baby pool
  2. Install new water feature for baby pool
  3. Test leisure pool for leak
  4. Lay new bathroom floor tiles.

2015 Season Work:

  1. Re-plastered both leisure and main pool.
  2. Repaired plaster problem areas


2014 Season Work:

  1. Purchased pool covers for 2013/2014 winter to keep pools clean and to save on water refill expenses.
  2. Repaired 6 plumbing leaks upon opening of pool.
  3. Installed new shed for pool cover storage.
  4. Purchased new lounge chairs & re-strapped existing where needed.
  5. Installed 4 new ventilation systems for the two bathrooms with humidistat’s, pump house with & concessions room each with fan control.
  6. Painted mushroom water feature in leisure pool.
  7. Installed new security cameras & signs throughout pool facility to prevent intrusion & theft.